Crimson Dreams (Book 1)Crimson Dreams - Bk cover

Intriguing.  I like romantic mysteries, but normally don’t read paranormal. I found this story thoroughly fascinating. Didn’t want to put it down. I enjoyed it very much and will be reading the rest of the series.  Annette May 21, 2016

Surprising, fun, entertaining read!  What a delightful read!  I started reading this book thinking it was more along the lines of a romance novel, but I was so pleasantly surprised! It is so much more! If you enjoy romance, mystery, intrigue, science fiction, vampires, murder, with a little levity thrown in, you will love this book!  The author has done an incredible job of creating characters that come to life in the pages and making the reader really care about them. The only problem I had with the book was that it ended! I want more of Vaughn and Rose!  Do yourself a favor – purchase, download, and read this book. I promise you will love it! I can’t wait to read more by Georgiana Fields! What a great story!  Amazon Customer November 30, 2015

Gifted writer = fantastic read.  Wow! What a fantastic read! Romance, time travel, mystery, and vampires – seems like a lot for one book, but Georgiana Fields weaves it all together beautifully with vivid details and clear story lines. She is truly a gifted writer. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series!  Light October 8, 2015

A must read vampire novel.  I like the characters in this story and hope more stories will follow for this family of supernaturals.  Samus October 4, 2015

A must read vampire novel.  An excellent first novel. If you like paranormal romance, this is a must read. Unique, creative, and a wonderful read.  Saphira September 16, 2015

Love This Fresh and Exciting Paranormal Romance.  Rose is not a young, slender heroine. She’s had a hard life, but she’s determined. When a handsome stranger wants her to go to England to restore his Victorian house she has nothing better to do, since she has lost her job and has no family. The first shocker is that she travels back a century and finds an exciting and scary world. Anything more would give away the plot, but there’s a cat, a killer, and shifters. If you read it you will only regret that you didn’t find Rose, Vaughn, his family, and Georgiana Fields sooner. It’s difficult to believe this is her first novel. I want book 2!  Mary September 11, 2015

An Excellent Surprise.  I’ve written vampire novels, and I’ve read them. I love vampire books but was becoming a jaded reader, I fear…until I began reading Crimson Dreams. The main characters are crisp and alive as are the supporting actors. That Rose loved old houses was perfect for the scenario. Vaughn was a dynamic and a bit different vampire. I thoroughly enjoyed the element of time travel and was sucked down in the 18th century with Rose. My heart went out to Vaughn in his quest for the woman he loved—and had loved over the centuries. This book has nearly everything, and I can guarantee one thing—you won’t regret picking it up or not putting it down until the wee hours of a Monday morning when you are due at work at 8.  I want to go into plot details, but I hesitate to spoil the read for anyone else. It’s too good to miss or be forewarned of the ride ahead.  Crimson Dreams is a keeper, and I’ll be looking for more books by Georgiana Fields. This book is quite something for a debut novel, and I’m exceedingly glad that it is a series!  Linda September 10, 2015

Crimson Hearts (The Crimson Series Book 2)

Another page turner.  Mystery, intrigue, romance, and yes even a little humor. Great read. Could not put it down especially the last half. Great story weaving past and present. Can’t wait for the next in the series. Annette June 5, 2016

Brisk storytelling and compelling characters kept me turning.   This book has everything–suspense, vampires, a witch hunter . . . and a tarot card reader, which I love. Brisk storytelling and compelling characters kept me turning the page. Good job, Georgiana Fields!  Deborah  April 8, 2016

An excellent read.  An excellent follow-up to Crimson Dreams. A beautifully developed stand-alone novel that continues to tell the story of the Dhampir. This novel kept me guessing as to what would happen next in the personal relationships and in the plot line. The Dhampir are fascinating in their abilities and their relationship with the human world. I have to say Caitlin’s grandfather raises the bar with his interference in the lives of his grandchildren. I can’t wait to read Book 3. Hurry up, Georgiana Fields!  Saphira March 30, 2016

Yuletide Magic: A Christmas Short Story

A delightful love story is always on Season.  I’m s sucker for a story about a handsome elf. If you love stories about people who find love at Christmas in unexpected ways, this one won’t disappoint! Don’t wait for Christmas to enjoy the magic of love!  Mary January 12, 2016

Great Stocking Stuffer.  A fascinating tail for the season, will make a good stocking stuffer.  Willis December 12, 2015

A wonderful mix of magic, humor, and Christmas spirit. Just the thing for a quiet escape from all the holiday madness. Make a cup of tea, grab a cookie or two, and learn what happens when an elf loses his Christmas spirit and you call him by his name. Georgiana Fields might be a new author, but I think she will be around for years to come.  Saphira December 10, 2015

Finding Love’s MagicFinding Loves Magic

Excellent writing.  I loved the book.  Dena July 9, 2015


Haunting Tales of Spirit LakeSpirit Lake

A Must Have Book.  Great book love the stories. Especially A Captain’s Tale.  John November 16, 2014


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