Crimson Shores

Just another day at the office?

Karma. Her name is Karma, but it should be Chaos because that’s what Karma’s life has been since contracting to do a forensic audit for two Fortune 500 companies that were hacked, then robbed of millions. Her job’s side benefit is daily conversations with uber-sexy CFO Morgan Wolfe, conversations that become so much more than business.

There’s no time to celebrate completing the audit and returning the missing funds as her apartment door is kicked in. Being kidnapped, beaten, and drugged definitely land in the liability column.

Karma wakes up in a warehouse bound to a chair. She must be hallucinating. Men wearing black come to her rescue, but people do not turn to dust, nor do they change into ferocious animals.

Morgan Wolfe has spent the last four months talking to Karma nightly. Something about her sexy, sassy voice draws him to her. When an old enemy kidnaps her, Morgan risks everything to get her back.

From the moment Morgan and his wolf catch the curvy woman’s scent, Morgan knows Karma is his destined mate he’s waited centuries to find. He only has to get Karma to fall in love with him, accept his Dhampiric side, and keep her safe from those who want to kill her. Easy. Just another day at the office.

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