Brand New Year!

Now that the holidays are finally over, I can get back to my writing cave, complete with a bat. Not kidding. Okay, so he’s a stuffed bat I purchased from Bat World Sanctuary, a wonderful organization.

Anyway, back on track. I’ve sent off a very rough draft of the first book to a new second series about elfin knights. You’ve met some of the characters in my short stories, Yuletide Magic, and Tears of the Past that appeared in Of Mountains and Mysteries.

I’ve also been very busy working on Crimson Dawn, the fourth installment of the Crimson Series, Royce’s story. And it starts off with a bang! Then just to keep the guys on their toes, I’ve added in two miscreant ten-year-olds, one of who happens to be Vaughn and Rose’s daughter Kimber.



I’m the person who has a bookshelf of ‘Keepers,’ books that I have read and reread so many times I know the stories by heart. But they are old friends who I love to revisit.

I’m the person who is the last to try something new, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram just to name a few. Yes, I’m that person who’s husband had to pry my old flip phone from my hands because it was no longer compatible with any system, while I kicked and screamed, throwing a temper-tantrum that rivaled any two-year-old . I think he donated my phone to the Smithsonian.

With that said, I am again venturing out with something new. This will be my last post on this site, but fear not. I’m not going anywhere! Thanks to Annette Walden Mason of Painted Lady Enterprises, I have this wonderful new website!

My other wonderful new, for all of you who have told me how much you love Rowan and Izzy, from Tears for the Past, my short story in Of Mountains and Mysteries: A North Georgia Paranormal & Mystery .You will be happy to know that they will be back with another adventure in Kissed by Dragon Fire, a new short story to be released in a new yet to be named anthology by Gilded Dragonfly Books.

In addition, I’m busy putting the finishing touches on my third stand-alone in the Crimson Series, Crimson Moon. I hope it will be out by October 2016. Crimson Moon will follow Tristan fights to protect his five-year-old niece, Shelby.