Shop Small Businesses!

It’s that time of year again! The time when people scurry about searching for that unique item or items that would decorate their home, or be the perfect Christmas or holiday gift for Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred, or even themselves. And, yes I’m guilty of this. However, in my defense, I did cross off three very difficult people from my Christmas list. At this year’s Fall Braselton Antique and Artisan Festival. I found truly unique items that I know each person will love. I found jewelry, pottery, writing pens that were carved from rare woods and stones, and I discovered classic novels that have been repurposed into handbags. (The artisan informed me the pages of the books were beyond repair but 10-23-16-fall-festivalthe leather covers were still in good shape.) I also shared the back deck with several wonderful authors. Had such a blast!!!

Shopping small businesses and attending local festivals allow you to see the talents of your neighbors and friend. It also allows you to give gifts that are unique to the receiver. Gifts that will mean something to that person years from now. So, this holiday season, instead of heading to the malls to do your gift shopping, consider shopping small local business or visiting a local fall or holiday festival. Because tucked beside funnel cakes, pottery, jewelry, and every other form of art, you may stumble upon a local writer. Like me. download






It’s release day!

Niki is a survivor. She has survived loss and abuse. The Okefenokee swamp provides a sanctuary of peace and security until she finds a lost child with a frightening secret. A child others will kill to possess.

Grieving the murder of his brother and sister-in-law, Tristan must find his missing niece. Each day she remains lost adds to his fear those hunting her will find her first or humans will discover her Dhampir nature.

Tristan finds Shelby in the arms of his life mate in time to rescue them. Pursued by his enemies they return to his family home. Can Tristan and Niki survive a clan war and claim the love destine to be theirs?



Crimson Moon!

Book three, Crimson Moon is shaping up. So far it’s on schedule for an October release. My editor has already sent it back for the first round of revisions. Then yesterday, I spent nearly four hours with the cover artist. I love the preliminary cover she has come up with. Every time Gina Dyer creates a cover, it’s always better than the previous one!