Still walking on air!

With days away from finding out if I’ve won, I already feel like a winner. Just being nominated and included in a group with many wonderful authors is an honor for me. If you haven’t checked out Crimson Dreams, you can find it in at The Southern Pen Book Shop in Monroe, Georgia!


National Paranormal Day is May 3



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May 3rd is National Paranormal Day.  Each year on this day all people who believe in paranormal activities are encouraged to get together and share their experiences with each other.

Paranormal is a term used to describe occurrences that can’t be explained by ordinary scientific measures.  They are outside the norm.

Even those who don’t believe in the paranormal can participate in National Paranormal Day.  There are a wide variety of movies, documentaries and science-fiction books and television shows specializing in this genre.


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Within our research, we were unable to find the creator or the origin of National Paranormal Day.

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Brand New Year!

Now that the holidays are finally over, I can get back to my writing cave, complete with a bat. Not kidding. Okay, so he’s a stuffed bat I purchased from Bat World Sanctuary, a wonderful organization.

Anyway, back on track. I’ve sent off a very rough draft of the first book to a new second series about elfin knights. You’ve met some of the characters in my short stories, Yuletide Magic, and Tears of the Past that appeared in Of Mountains and Mysteries.

I’ve also been very busy working on Crimson Dawn, the fourth installment of the Crimson Series, Royce’s story. And it starts off with a bang! Then just to keep the guys on their toes, I’ve added in two miscreant ten-year-olds, one of who happens to be Vaughn and Rose’s daughter Kimber.


Shop Small Businesses!

It’s that time of year again! The time when people scurry about searching for that unique item or items that would decorate their home, or be the perfect Christmas or holiday gift for Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred, or even themselves. And, yes I’m guilty of this. However, in my defense, I did cross off three very difficult people from my Christmas list. At this year’s Fall Braselton Antique and Artisan Festival. I found truly unique items that I know each person will love. I found jewelry, pottery, writing pens that were carved from rare woods and stones, and I discovered classic novels that have been repurposed into handbags. (The artisan informed me the pages of the books were beyond repair but 10-23-16-fall-festivalthe leather covers were still in good shape.) I also shared the back deck with several wonderful authors. Had such a blast!!!

Shopping small businesses and attending local festivals allow you to see the talents of your neighbors and friend. It also allows you to give gifts that are unique to the receiver. Gifts that will mean something to that person years from now. So, this holiday season, instead of heading to the malls to do your gift shopping, consider shopping small local business or visiting a local fall or holiday festival. Because tucked beside funnel cakes, pottery, jewelry, and every other form of art, you may stumble upon a local writer. Like me. download






New Paranormal Romance Anthology Set in North Georgia Mountains

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00004]Gilded Dragonfly Books Releases New Paranormal Romance Anthology Set in North Georgia Mountains

Nantahala is a small fictional town steeped in legends of the Native American culture and only imaginary miles from Dahlonega.  Each author created her own independent story, with each one building on the lore of Nantahala to deliver individual vignettes. Some of the authors are transplants, but all are now Georgia residents.

An anthology of paranormal and mystery stories set in the North Georgia Mountains. Ten authors share their stories of the paranormal, mystery and suspense in the fictional town of Nantahala, Georgia. Shape-shifters, ghost stories, legends with a twist of Southern twang.

Authors: Melba Moon, Mary Marvella, Jackie Rod, Nancy Knight, Georgiana Fields, Gina Dyer, C. C. Ansardi, Sabrina Cole, Carol Shaughnessy, and Martha Brown

Now available on