Crimson Haze

Crimson HazeA chance to live and Love

Imprisoned since WWII and subjected to Eugenic experimentation, Simone is terrified of men and has no clue how to live in the 21st century. Once rescued, she embraces her new freedom. Despite her fears, Simone resolves to reach out to the damaged man who is her lifemate and find the love she has craved for decades.

During the mission that rescued Simone, Quaid lost his leg.  He has adapted to his prosthesis but is devastated by the loss of his inner wolf and his inability to shift. Quaid retreats to his cabin in New Hampshire, struggling to cope with these new losses and believing he cannot protect those he loves.

Enemies who fear Simone’s knowledge about their participation in the experimentation on Dhampir women hunt her as she follows Quaid to his mountain home. Nothing will stop them until she is recaptured or dead.

Can Quaid and Simone survive the determination of their enemies and face their own emotional scars to build a life together?

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