Crimson Dawn


Jenny has lusted after Royce Lucard forever!

But she can’t be his fated mate for so many reasons. He still sees her as a bratty kid, despite her being a highly trained Healer. Worse she is the granddaughter of the sworn enemy of the Lucard Clan. Finally, she is fangless! Jenny is considered defective by her birth clan as well as other Dhampirs.

Sometimes it’s better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission, especially when saving the lives of others. When Royce finds out about Jenny sacrificing herself to heal him, he lashes out and orders her to stay away. She runs—all the way to Sanibel Island, Florida. Her favorite retreat.

Royce has waited over 13 years to claim Jenny. He ignored her, giving her a chance to become the incredible woman and Healer she was meant to be.  Desperate over her disappearance, he must find her and convince her that she is his fated mate or be doomed to centuries of loneliness.

Stolen children, kidnapped women, and the evil of Eugenics place Royce and Jenny in grave danger. Can their extraordinary Dhampir talents and love for each other survive an evil that has lasted centuries?


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