A Chaotic Crimson Christmas


A Chaotic Crimson Christmas takes place after Crimson Dreams and Crimson Haze. This is a stand-alone with as always a happy ever after.

It’s a week before Christmas, and all Edgar wants is to be with family. Is it so wrong for him to want a traditional Christmas filled with family and laughing children? As much as he yearns for it, he knows it’s impossible.

His job with the FBI ruined his marriage. His sons now live across the country with their mom and new stepdad. His brother Raven lives in Scotland with his wife and children. So Edgar will be alone for Christmas.

A new investigation would pull him out of this holiday humbug. Called to the United Kingdom on Dhampir business provides a much-needed distraction. He lands in England to learn he is Raven’s Christmas gift.

Edgar is ecstatic to spend Christmas with family and friends…But he needs to be mindful of what he wishes for.

Christmas can be chaotic at the best of times. Even more so when you add in six excited children, grandparents quite willing to spoil the children, seven unique kittens, drones, a troublesome neighbor, and a dead body.

Will Edgar have his family holiday and, perhaps, find a little something extra underneath the mistletoe?

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